"Utilization of sources allotted to Common Agricultural Policy, through the examples of young farmers"

Agricultural and Rural Youth Association with the support of the European Union started a project with the following title: "Utilization of sources allotted to Common Agricultural Policy, through the examples of young farmers". The project was implemented within the confines of the support for information measures relating to the Common Agricultural Policy.

The aim of the project of AGRYA was to present the European agricultural model and the Common Agricultural Policy with its opportunities through the personal experience of the agricultural producers to those who work in the agriculture and to the wider public opinion.

Within the confines of the communication activities, there were held vocational trips, of those the special characteristic was that it gave the opportunity to the so called "new member states": Hungary, Slovakia and Romania, to send delegations to France, Italy and Germany, as "old member states" to gain experiences. This way the vocational trips allowed the participants to expand their vocational knowledge and their cooperation, and furthermore to draw nearer the agricultural producers of the participating countries by their common interests.

On the one hand these vocational trips gave opportunity for indirect experience sharing for the participating young farmers. On the other hand the project provided chance that the thousands of agricultural producers, who are affected directly by the Common Agricultural Policy, and the inhabitants, who usually do not know the given sector even on conceptual level, and is affected by the situation of the agriculture just indirectly, to get information from "first hand" from young farmers who farm according to EU standards.
The agriculture, and the rural areas have basic importance in every societies, this way it is our common business to support the sustainability of the agriculture that is one priority of the CAP. Because of this the Common Agricultural Policy pays increased attention to the inhabitants of the rural areas, and to the agricultural producers, their supports, making it possible for them to produce good quality and healthy food.

At the same time the advantage of the project is that it not just made it possible to talk about the Common Agricultural Policy in general, but it also gave the opportunity to present the segments of the CAP and the connected reforms during farm visits.

This way the study trips were built around the following sectors and main issues:

  • animal breeding and animal welfare

  • arable farming

  • horticulture

  • vinery

  • renewable energies

The communication of the messages of the Common Agricultural Policy above, and the propagation of the results of the project was realised by the help of the record team of the Hungarian Duna Television that escorted all the delegations to France, Germany and Italy. A documentary film was made about the visited farms on each trip, those were broadcasted by the Duna Television in the agricultural magazine 'Gazdakör'. Furthermore these short films are subtitled to Romanian, Slovak, French, German, Italian and English languages, and will be available for anyone who are interested in the web page to present them the European agricultural model, the objectives and measures of the Common Agricultural Policy and the performers of the agriculture. On the web page there are available the evaluations made by the participants about each trip, descriptions, the photos from the trips, and a summary study that compare the German, French, Italian and Hungarian agricultural systems from the viewpoint of e.g. the supports available for the young farmers.

Within the confines of the project, the following vocational trips were carried out:

21-25 October 2009 Italy - central theme: horticulture
8-13 November 2009 Germany - central theme: arable farming
18-22 November 2009 Italy - central theme: vinery
25-29 November 2009 France - central theme: animal breeding, renewable energies
20-24 January 2010 France - central theme: vinery

17-21 February 2010

Germany - central theme: horticulture
3-7 March 2010 Italy - central theme: arable farming
17-21 March 2010 Germany - central theme: animal breeding, renewable energies
24-28 March 2010 France - central theme: arable farming


The sole responsibility for the films/communications/publications lies with the author. The Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein."