Implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy in the countries accessing in 2004

Fiatal Gazdák Magyarországi Szövetsége - AGRYA (Agricultural and Rural Youth Association) with the support of the European Union started a project with the following title: " Implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy in the countries accessing in 2004". The project was implemented within the confines of the support for information measures relating to the Common Agricultural Policy.

The aim of the project was to draw the attention to the colourful role of the agriculture, not only in the production of agricultural goods, but also on the fields of rural development and the development of life quality. The argument of the effects of the Common Agricultural Policy to the agriculture, and the development of the regions in the new member states, will get high emphasise, and also will be discussed how the rural development can contribute to the sustainable agriculture.

Within the confines of the project, the young farmers of the Member States visited Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, for 1-1 study visit, to gain experience about the effectiveness of the CAP in three Central-European states, where the agriculture is based on different farm structures.

During the program, participants visited Hungarian, Slovak and Polish young farmers who develop their farms through innovative measures from EU subsidies and who are able to give practical information of these topics: monitoring of cross compliance, implementation of CMO refoms (fruits and vegetables reform), horticulture, animal husbandry, animal welfare and environmental protection, arable crops, renewable energy.

The project was closed by an evaluation conference in Hungary, Lajosmizse.

Documentary films were made about the visited farms on each trip, those were broadcasted by the Duna Television in the agricultural magazine 'Gazdakör'. These short films were subtitled to Slovak, Polish, French, German and English languages and could be available for anyone who are interested in the web page to present them the European agricultural model, the objectives and measures of the Common Agricultural Policy and the performers of the agriculture. On the webpage there are available the evaluations made by the participants about each trip, descriptions and the photos from the trips.


The sole responsibility for the films/communications/publications lies with the author. The Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein."